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Most people know that mattresses come in different grade by their firmness: Extra-Firm, Firm, Normal, Plush, and Extra-Plush. Most people, don't know that those grade are all sub-sets of actual mattress quality.

Matress quality can be best summed up as being either Good, Better, or Best. Because of the different needs of our customers, we do try to offer a selection to meet their personal requirements.

Here is a list of the quality types of mattresses and their intended uses.

  • GOOD

    These mattresses are generally lower-cost, "standard issue" mattresses. These will have fewer coils of larger gage steel. (usually under 336 coils using 13 gage steel)Other attributes are the covering: usually, they will have an inexpensive material attached tightly (called a tight top) or close quilt with very little padding between the springs and the cover.
    Because they are lower cost sets, good mattresses are perfect for the following uses:

    • People weighing less than 150 pounds. (ie: children up to their teen years.)
    • Occasional use: such as guest room, daybed, vacation/weekend home.
    • People on a very tight budget, as a stop gap, until they can afford a better mattress.
    Because These are lower cost mattresses, they generally have a shorter lifespan as well as a shorter term and/or pro-rated, warranty.


    This mid-range mattress group is for people who need more support than the good mattress range offers, but have a limited budget to work with. These have a higher coil count than the "Good" range, and are made to last longer. This is the range you will start noticing pillow-top and plush mattresses appearing.

    • Good for people who weigh more than 150. (most people, regardless of age)
    • Guest Bed. Better quality. Many people chose this for the guest bed because they know they may have to sleep in it at some point or another. On par with the occasional use.
    • People upgrading from the "good" mattress. Many smaller, local mattress companies do not produce mattresses beyond the BETTER Range. Still, there is a lot to be said for this, because often, their better made mattresses are often superior to the comparable to the "MAJOR" name brands, and at a fraction of the price.

  • BEST

    Of course, this will be the top of the line mattresses and probably has the largest selection to choose from. These mattresses can be easily be found by their high coil counts, unique engineering, and higher grade cover matterial.

    • Everyday use by anyone!
    • Good for people that need not only a lot of support, but also comfort!
    • Good for people with back problems!
    • Visually appealing.
    • Never-Turn mattresses in this grade. (because they are so heavy, you'll be thankful for that!!!) Often you will find what is called Swedish (or Memory") Foam that conforms to your body's contours in a way that fills in those gaps in your bodies curves. Developed for NASA, it has been in use for years in the space programs, protecting astronauts from the stresses and strains of high gravity lift-offs.

      So, what you want to do is first assess what your needs are before buying a mattress. Size, Quality, Price Range, Firmness, and Reputability.

      Regardless of what type of mattress fits your needs, we'll have what it takes to make you happy. And remember, because of our power buying, you can save up to 80% EVERYDAY!!!

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