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We've recently made a deal with a major shipping firm to handle our long distance shipping... this means BIG savings for you!

Based on a 200 lb mattress set, class 200 shipping, we've calculated some long distance deliveries and can show you some surprising figures:

Regular Freight charges are in plain text,
Discount rates are in bold *
WHEREResidential DeliveryPick up from Frieght Company local dock
Chicago, IL$529 / $210$275 / $99
New Orleans, LA $559 / $230 $449 / $192
Dallas, TX$571 / $317 $470 / $243
Las Vegas, NV$672 / $374$654 / $308
Los Angeles, CA$816 / $391 $657 / $317
Of course, distance DOES play an important role in shipping a mattress. The closer you are to our Grove City, PA store, the less it will cost to ship your set.

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